Assembly Networks - C3 Method


Consider the following questions:

  1. Do you sell to businesses or people?
  2. What makes a person a customer?
  3. Why should individuals become a customer of your company?
  4. Do you know how and why they decided to be your customer?       Do you know how and why the decided to be someone else’s customer?
  5. Could you in three sentences tell me, what your company does, why it is important, and why it is better then what else is available to me?
  6. Would everyone in your organization answer the above questions accurately or consistently?

Companies are filled with bright and talented sales and marketing professionals who have customer-focused intentions but become influenced by powerful non-customer related forces. The result, marketing communicates one thing, sales communicate another, and customers stop listening.

Bringing sales and marketing together to understand the fundamentals of how and why your customers make a decision to buy from you is the most powerful means of knowing how, when, where, and what to communicate. If you understand the decision-making process your customers use, you hold the power to positively impact that process. A choreographed effort by sales and marketing to impact a potential customer’s decision-making process is the magical formula in unleashing untapped potential and better results from both departments.

Through the successful culmination of valuable intellectual capital, the C3 Method was created as a powerful process that empowers sales and marketing to better understand their customer’s decision-making process, and to develop choreographed communication strategies that will efficiently influence that process. Influencing a customer’s decision-making process enables companies to improve sales results and create a powerful competitive advantage in winning new customers.

Why consider using the C3 Method!

  1. Stemming from a wealth of valuable intellectual capital, the C3 Method will empower your company to increase the performance and efficiency of its sales and marketing efforts through a choreographed communications effort.
  1. Aimed at helping sales and marketing gain collective support and understanding from senior management, the C3 Method uses proven principles and basic concepts in a proprietary process to create a logical formula for sales and marketing initiatives.
  1. With an in-depth portfolio of sales and marketing communication programs to its name, understands the importance of having these two areas work in concert with each other. The C3 Method enables both sales and marketing to have a common understanding from which to build a cohesive strategy.
  1. The Information Age requires accurate and potent communication like never before. in-depth knowledge of effectively speaking to stakeholders, provided the foundation for creating a unique communication process. The C3 Method gives companies a means of determining how, what, where and when to communicate effectively, efficiently and consistently.